Life On Purpose



This weekend is for you if:

You're ready to:

  • share an incredible personal growth experience with your partner
  • come away from a powerful weekend and work together to claim your dreams
  • unleash the incredible force of your thoughts, words & actions
  • take charge of your life & know how to create it deliberately
  • be able to support each other through challenges and get back on track quickly
  • discover how to make your dreams a reality without resorting to 'hard work'
  • play at the intersection of Science, Spirituality & Practicality

You should also register for this event if:

  • you like connecting with positive and inspiring people who feel like family
  • you like learning in a fun, safe, nurturing & supportive environment
  • you're ready for a weekend that's all about gaining powerful tools to help you create a life you love

This weekend will give you knowledge, power & inspiration. You'll discover the simple, practical tools you can easily use each & every day to consciously & deliberately create a life you love.


I'm holding this special one-off 'Bring Your Partner' workshop due to popular demand from past students who wanted to share the experience with their partner. This opportunity may not be repeated. 

This weekend allows you to experience a powerful growth journey together so you can work as a team and create your life deliberately. You will NOTnecessarily be working as a couple during the event - in fact, you will be encouraged to split up so you can each individually enjoy the full experience. It's not couples counselling, it's personal growth and guaranteed to be fun, enlightening and eye-opening.

Get Ready To:

DISCOVER  How & Why Your Thoughts Become Things!

EXPERIENCE  Hands-On Manifesting Practise With Games & Activities

WATCH  Your Vision Board Come To Life :)

LEARN  Which Tools & Practises Actually Work (& Which Don't)

FIGURE OUT  What To STOP Doing That's Been Holding You Back

FEEL  Your Thoughts Actually Becoming The Things Of Your Life

JOIN  A Supportive & Fun Community Of Like-Minded People

ENJOY  Knowing You And Your Partner Will Become An Unstoppable Team


Effectologist & Manifesting Mentor

Bestselling Author

Certified Infinite Possibilities Trainer & Evolve Hypnotherapist

B. Eng, Dip Fin. Services

Just 2x Monthly Instalments of $447 (AUD)

What To Expect:

Day 1: 

Infinite Possibilities

Discover WHY 'Thoughts Become Things'

Expect Lots Of 'A-Ha!' Moments

Day 2:  

The Game Of Conscious Creation

Experience HOW 'Thoughts Become Things'

Hands-On Manifesting​ Practise & Experiences


Belgian Beer Cafe, Ebenezer Place, Adelaide

January 28th & 29th 2017

INCLUDED: Your Lunch, Morning & Afternoon Tea & All Materials

Please bring: pen, extra paper, warm layers of clothing.

Time: 8.30am (sharp!) - 5.00pm

Change Your Thoughts - Transform Your Life!

Effectologist & Manifesting Mentor

Bestselling Author

Certified Infinite Possibilities Trainer & Evolve Hypnotherapist

B. Eng, Dip Fin. Services

Just 2x Easy Monthly Instalments of $447 (AUD)

Numbers Are  Strictly Limited! (maximum 7 couples)

This exclusive, intimate and powerful event is designed to provide the perfect environment for break-through insights and personal growth. It will give you all the knowledge, tools & support to ensure you continue the journey successfully when you go home.

Further support will also be for you available via our closed Facebook Group and our monthly Conscious Creation Circle.

Why Past Students Think You Should Register:

A powerful weekend full of intimate support & guidance. A must for all women! (& men..)

What I loved most was that Miriam makes learning fun & creates a loving, supportive environment.  It was perfect!                  

~  Kasey Wilson

This course is life altering! I know that my life is going to continually get better & better with each of the skills I have learned. Highly recommend EVERYONE come along - the potential benefits are immeasurable! Get on it!

~ Cathy White

One of the biggest lessons for me is that I can be woo-woo and still be respected & fricken awesome at my job.

The space Miriam held for us over the weekend allowed me to remember all the things I had forgotten about self worth, law of attraction and aded extra tools to my arsenal for living my best life.

What I loved most about the workshop with Miriam was the practical approach to living an abundant life, the tools Miriam gave us to implement, the safe, loving & nurturing environment and the incredible women Miriam attracted! There is no way the course could be improved except more days! I loved every minute of it.

~ Tavia Rankin

This weekend teaches you how to bring the Law of Attraction to life & really put it into practise on a daily basis.

My biggest lessons for the weekend include that I am an all powerful creator and how easy it is to manifest.

~ Bronja Batorijs


Insightful, thought provoking & enlightening. Highly Recommended!  

~ Rachel Quinton


I don't think the course could have been delivered in a more honest, understandable, energetic & connecting way than how Miriam delivered it. I don't want the course to be over! Miriam made it my happy place.

~ Candice Butler

I came away from the weekend feeling totally inspired and ready to take on the world. I felt empowered to make changes that align with who and where I want to be.

I met some beautiful amazing women and felt like I had my own personal cheer squad believing in me when I wasn't yet believing in myself.

~ Ashleigh Keane


This course is an inspiring new way to view the world - a new set of glasses creating interesting new perspectives.

I love this stuff!

~ Louise Cobby

Effectologist & Manifesting Mentor

Bestselling Author

Certified Infinite Possibilities Trainer & Evolve Hypnotherapist

B. Eng, Dip Fin. Services

Just 2x Easy Weekly Instalments of $447 (AUD)

More Details:


DISCOVER  WHY  'Thoughts Become Things'

On this intensive first day of the workshop, you will gain a deep understanding of how powerful your thoughts, words & actions are in creating your life experience You'll learn how to apply this new knowledge to create the life you REALLY want - with a lot less effort! You'll learn what works - and what doesn't - when it comes to applying this knowledge in creating life deliberately.

Material taught on Day 1 is based on Mike Dooley's Infinite Possibilities program layered with Miriam's own teachings, as well as principles based on the latest research in neuroscience and quantum physics. This program is constantly evolving and changing, giving returning students a fantastic opportunity to gain deeper understanding and fresh perspectives. 

Miriam is been personally trained & certified by Mike Dooley to teach this ground breaking material based on his New York Times Bestseller 'Infinite Possibilities'. (Mike Dooley is also the author of the inpiring and hugely popular 'Notes From The Universe'). She's also had the honor of returning to the US to work with Mike & his crew, speaking and leading workshops at further Trainer Certification Conferences.



EXPERIENCE  HOW  'Thoughts Become Things'

A Unique, Once-In-A-Lifetime Deliberate Creation Experience! 

Enjoy a fun, interactive day of games & activities and experience the actual process of deliberate creation. This day is all about hands-on practise & watching your THOUGHTS BECOME THINGS!

You'll be given tools, tips & tricks for creating what you DO want in your life, finally figure out what to STOP doing that's been holding you back and discover what to do when you're feeling stuck. You'll also uncover the lessons & blessings in your own life story and discover how to use them as powerful leverage to create an amazing future.

Finally, you'll create your own personal & super powerful Vision Board to take home.

Change Your Thoughts -Transform Your Life!

Effectologist & Manifesting Mentor

Bestselling Author

Certified Infinite Possibilities Trainer & Evolve Hypnotherapist

B. Eng, Dip Fin. Services

2x Easy Weekly Instalments of $447 (AUD)

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